1/4 2024 ‘Poetry of Travel’ (In memory of Paul Klee) (Book series: LOUNGE 2 – volume XI)

Bog på tysk og engelsk med digte og kunst illustrationer. Jeg har selv 3 billeddigte med. Se dem nedenunder.


The book explores the question how traveling influences the creative process of artistic work. As art history
shows, it is essential for people who create art to find new sources of inspiration and to travel for this purpose.
As a rule, stimulating exhibitions are also visited and valuable contacts are made. Traveling also plays a
major role in Paul Klee's CV. He spent almost every summer in a different cultural and historical place. Again
and again he stayed in Italy, France and Switzerland, where many inspirational impressions could be
absorbed. In particular, his trips to Tunisia and Egypt shaped his work, which is reflected in his rhythmic
landscapes. His goal of exceeding the limits of sensual experience and fathoming the mysteries of nature led
- just like his encounters with progressive currents in European painting - to a very personal style and
ultimately to worldwide success. His works were also exhibited several times in New York during his lifetime.
You are free to choose the subject of the picture: How has traveling affected your artistic work? Are there
something like key experiences that led to the change in style or to the thematic reorientation? And to what
extent has the journey itself become worthy of being object of painting, the path the goal?