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CV of Links to Lotte Kjoeller web-Art

In 2021, I will invent web-art which is an art that is performed on the internet and created for the web. The art form is a virtual performance that gathers spectators sitting in front of the computer where they participate separately - and at the same time a piece of art that can be followed online. It is art that in this way comes "into the living room" of its audience.

sElected Web-Art


Visual Art: Lk-kunst.dk

Photosite: photo-lk-kunst.dk

skulpturesite: sculpture-lk-kunst.dk


Lotte as curator:

The naked human art: the-naked-human-art.com

Nordic Art: Nordic-art.one

Gallery Lk-kunst.dk: galleri-lk-kunst.dk


History of Art sites:

Virtuel Artpiece and performance Artists-Genus: artist-genus.webador.com

Virtuel Artpiece and performance Friedel Tree: adamfriedel-tree.webador.com


History of art texst. Author of Blogs by Lotte Kjoeller

Autobiography: Elfenbenstårnet af kunstner Lotte Kjøller - Ivory Tower by artist Lotte Kjoeller: lottekjoeller.blogspot.com

Autobiography: Smukkeste Kvinde af Lotte Kjøller - Most Beautiful Woman by Lotte Kjoeller: lk-kunst.blogspot.com

Autobiography: Det Ny Liv af billedkunstner Lotte Kjøller - The New Life by Artist Lotte Kjoeller: lk-kunst2.blogspot.com

Autobiography: Hvide Engel af kunstner Lotte Kjøller - White Angel by Artist Lotte Kjoeller: lk-kunst3.blogspot.com


Web-ART as poetry

video poetry : Video WEB-ART by Lotte Kjoeller on Vimeo


WEB-ART as Art

White Angel Church 2021 Evighedsperformance: www.lk-kunst-art.com/lk-art-news/699443_har-du-brug-for-hjaelp-hvide-engel-kirke-white-angel-church-evighedsperformance-oktober-2020-til-gallery-lk-kunst-dk-copenhagen-dk-2020

White Angel Soldier 2021: www.lk-kunst-art.com/lk-art-news/707567_do-you-want-to-be-a-white-angel-soldier-performance-14-21-juli-2021

Valkoinen Enkeli Installation 2022: www.lk-kunst-art.com/lk-art-news/714228_hvide-engel-valkoinen-enkeli-installation-by-lotte-kjoeller-from-denmark-in-finland-bliver-2022

Hvide Engel happening, Gallery Lk-kunst.dk: www.lk-kunst-art.com/lk-art-news/699414_hvide-engel-happening-gallery-lk-kunst-dk-copenhagen-dk-2020


Light Windows 2020: www.lk-kunst-art.com/lk-art-news/699393_light-windows-love-from-new-york-for-window-based-light-exhibition-in-gallery-lk-kunst-dk-25-31-maj-2020

Light Windows 2021: www.lk-kunst-art.com/lk-art-news/699434_light-windows-2021-verdensomspaendende-lyskunst-udstilling-24-april-til-24-maj-hvaelving-af-lotte-kjoeller-er-med


See More: Virtual Happening, installation, performance: lk-kunst.dk/instalations